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Logan Thomas could lose job to QB who can't see well

Well, Sims used to have a vision problem

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So apparently second year quarterback Logan Thomas is really in trouble. One of the guys he is battling in the offseason for a roster spot is undrafted rookie Phillip Sims. Sims impressed head coach Bruce Arians early on. Towards the end of the spring, though, Arians wasn't pleased with any of the three quarterbacks battling for the third spot on the roster.

Thomas hasn't made enough progress yet, but apparently the other guys didn't stand out.

Sims has an excuse, though. Apparently he has terrible vision.

According to a story on the official team site, Sims learned his vision was really bad when he had his physical with the team. He now has been fitted for contact lenses. It is uncertain how he will react. It could have a positive or adverse effect. Logic says, though, being able to see better down the field will help him be better.

While this is an interesting story from Sims' perspective, it is troubling for fans. Essentially Logan Thomas is not playing significantly better than a guy who can't see his receivers down the field.

That's not good.