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Arizona Cardinals have extra belief in themselves with Carson Palmer

Defensive leader Calais Campbell talks about the importance of Carson Palmer to the team.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the story of how the Arizona Cardinals started the season 9-1 in 2014 and how they ended 2013 7-2. Then he tore is ACL and the Cardinals stumbled to the finish line in 2014, ending the season 11-5 and losing in the first round of the playoffs.

While Palmer was playing, the defense was also playing very well. Once he went down, and then once Drew Stanton went down, the defense really struggled. It was almost as if they quit, even though that isn't really fair to say. They were put in a position to have to make more plays while on the field longer. But it did look like they believed a little less.

Based on something Pro Bowl defensive end Calais Campbell said on NFL Total Access, there might be something to that notion. With Palmer, the team believes they can do more.

"With him, we know we're a true contender," Campbell said. "His ability to throw the ball and see the defense and lead the team. He's such a natural leader."

One thing Palmer has not been known for over his career is being a winner. Before coming to Arizona, he had been a part of only two winning seasons and he has never won a playoff game. However, since coming to the Cardinals, he led the team to a 10-6 record in 2013, finishing the season 7-2, and the Cardinals were 6-0 when he started in 2014.

Palmer makes his teammates believe they can win a championship. The perception of Palmer has changed. Previously considered selfish and aloof, he is showing himself to be super dedicated and all about football.

If he stays healthy in 2015, the Cardinals legitimately believe they can win the Super Bowl.

Has Palmer created this much belief in Cardinals fans, despite having never won in the postseason?