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Larry Fitzgerald one of NFL's most efficient WRs in slant routes

A look at the receiver and how he dominated one particular route.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In the dead part of the offseason, some  statistical breakdowns are nice. Pro Football Focus has looked at wide receiver numbers in particular routes and Arizona Cardinals star receiver Larry FItzgerald, despite a down year in 2014, dominated one particular route.

A PFF article focusing on slant routes showed Fitz was one of the league's most efficient players in said route.

Fitz had the second highest total of receiving yards in the league running slant routes with 217. It trailed only Reuben Randle's 245. Fitz was also one of the league's most targeted players in slants, coming in 10th with 20 targets. He caught 14 passes.

He was not among the top 10 in number of slant routes run, though, proving he is efficient. That efficiency is made evident by his 4.93 yards per route run in the slant -- the third highest rate in the league. That means he ran 44 slant routes during the season -- which is nine less routes than the 10th highest player, but had the second-most yards.

He ran 44 slants, was targeted 20 times and made 14 catches for 217 yards. It was only a small portion of his 574 pass routes run, but slants accounted for more than a fourth of his total receiving yards on the season and just under a fourth of his catches.