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Which NFC West team 'won' the offseason?

Just an interesting question to answer in the offseason.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the dead of  the offseason is upon us. Training camp is still weeks away. But most offseason moves are done. Looking back at the NFC, who has done the best?

Arizona Cardinals:

Carson Palmer is healthy. They lost Antonio Cromartie and Dan Williams, but added Corey Peters, Cory Redding, Sean Weatherspoon and Mike Iupati. Tyrann Mathieu is healthy. Patrick Peterson is healthy. They lost Todd Bowles. They drafted some guys.

San Francisco 49ers:

Everyone retired! They did sign Darnell Dockett. They also added Reggie Bush and Torrey Smith.

Seattle Seahawks:

They added Jimmy Graham. They added Cary Williams. They lost Max Unger. They have Tarvaris Jackson again. They have not extended the contract of Russell Wilson.

St. Louis Rams:

They traded Sam Bradford for Nick Foles. They added Nick Fairley. They cut Jake Long and Scott Wells. They added Kenny Britt.

If you had to pick one, who would be your winner?