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Patrick Peterson feels 2015 is going to be 'an explosive year'

With is diabetes under control, he is ready to dominate.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

2014 was a tough year for Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson. Yes, he signed a huge contract extension. Yes, he made the Pro Bowl for the fourth time. But his play on the field was inconsistent. He was diagnosed with diabetes. He spent a good portion of the season not knowing what was wrong with him.

In an interview with ESPN's Ed Werder, Peterson said he is ready to bounce back in 2015.

"(Last year) health-wise I wasn't where I needed to be," he explained. "Now that I am back to 100 percent, leaner and faster, just more focused and honed in on the task at hand, I feel it's going to be an explosive year."

Peterson revealed it wasn't until about Week 7 that he got his diagnosis of diabetes, something that scared him a bit because he thought it was just something older people got. It runs in his family, but never thought it could affect someone at his age.

He said all is going well and he has had to change his diet, cutting out most sweets. It apparently wasn't all sweets, as he was seen eating a churro dog at a Diamondbacks game.

But it seems like he is setting the bar high and the organization is as well. No one wants to be the best in the NFL more than Peterson does.

2014 was a year of inconsistencies and injuries. Yes, they are excuses, but they were real factors for his play. There aren't any such excuses this year and if he is saying "explosive," then we should expect to see explosive play from Peterson.