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Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and more receiver route stats

We look at the two Cardinals receivers and the corner route.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We have another article about receiver routes and stats. This time it includes both Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. Using the breakdown by Pro Football Focus, we look at the corner route.

The corner route (or "flag") is a deep route with an outside break (often 45 degrees) toward the sideline. One of the common double move variations included in this data is the post-corner, which involves an initial inside move before breaking to the corner.

Floyd was among the league leaders in corner routes run, coming in 10th with 38. However, Fitz led the league with 14 targets.

Fitz was 10th in receiving yards from corner routes with 101.

Floyd runs them a lot, Fitz is targeted a lot and he also gets the yards.

However, the fact that Fitz led all the NFL with 14 targets, it tells you it is a difficult route to throw. It requires a well-placed ball and separation from the defensive back.

What else can you draw from these numbers?