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What is your NFC West Top 40?

In the dead of the offseason, let's generate some debate.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there isn't much to do in the offseason but wait for football.

What kind of talk can we generate? Well, a reader over at Field Gulls wants to do a divisional Top 40  players list and has big dreams for it.

We can do the same thing here.

Basically we do this -- I want to have you, the readers, comment below with your top 40 players of the NFC West. With  your submissions by the end of the week, I will then come up with the results for next week.

And so, we are starting this up on all four sites. In the comments, post your top 40 players heading into the 2015 season. This is not who the best players were last year. And it is not who you think the best players will be when the season ends. It is who is the best heading into training camp. There are plenty of obvious candidates, but you are obviously welcome to vote on sleepers as you see fit.

If you need a list of players on each team, check here:

49ers depth chart
Cardinals depth chart
Rams depth chart
Seahawks depth chart

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Again, these are just the top 40 as you currently see them on each roster. We'll be compiling all of them across the four NFC West blogs to come up with a consensus top 40. Go ahead and copy and paste the numbers below and insert your players accordingly.

1. 21.
2. 22.
3. 23.
4. 24.
5. 25.
6. 26.
7. 27.
8. 28.
9. 29.
10. 30.
11. 31.
12. 32.
13. 33.
14. 34.
15. 35.
16. 36.
17. 37.
18. 38.
19. 39.
20. 40.

I will also present my own personal rankings.

Where will the Arizona Cardinals players rank? Who will be number one? Will there be any surprises?

Start the fun now!