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2015 NFL countdown: 76 days and a look at Cardinals uniform No. 76

It has mostly been an uneventful number.

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There are now 76 days until the Arizona Cardinals start their 2015 regular season. We now look at jersey No. 76, which has not been a particularly special number.

In its history, there has yet to be a Cardinal to make the Pro Bowl in it.

That might change this season, as free agent prize Mike Iupati, the team's new starting left guard, now dons No. 76. He wore 77 while with the San Francisco 49ers, but that number happens to be one of only five the Cardinals has retired. Read up on Stan Mauldin and his part of Cardinals lore.

Anyway, Iupati has been to the last three Pro Bowls, so maybe the dry spell of No. 76 changes this year.

There aren't many memorable 76's. One was Deuce Lutui, who played for Arizona from 2006-2011. A local guy, he played football at Mesa High School and was drafted by the Cardinals. His career started well, but he was unable to keep his weight under control and ended his career in Arizona as a reserve.

But let's go back to the St. Louis days to learn about another 76 -- defensive tackle Charlie Davis.

Davis was originally drafted in 1974 by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but was traded to the Cards the next season.

Davis played five seasons for the Cardinals and started 57 games. He was a part of that 1975 Cardinals playoff team, who lost to the LA Rams 35-23 in the divisional round. Davis' Wikipedia page says he had five sacks and a fumble recovery in that game, but the box score does not indicate any sacks -- only the fumble recovery.

Aside from Davis, Lutui and Iupati, there have been a bunch of mostly forgettable players.

Do you have any memories of any No. 76 player?

Who is your favorite No. 76?

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