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Arizona Cardinals OTAs: Team attendance, approach to practice very positive

Bruce Ariasns can tell the team is focused.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Championship teams are focused. They practice well and communicate. While the Arizona Cardinals are not yet champions, they have championship aspirations. Based on OTAs and what head coach Bruce Arians said, the team's focus and communication is where it needs to be.

OTAs (organized team activities) are voluntary. Some players have bonuses in their contracts that incent them to attend, but many do not. Coming is still an expectation, but it isn't something required. Required or not, important work gets done in the offseason.

For that reason, you have to like how the Cardinals players approach the offseason.

"There's a really good etiquette in the practices," Arians told reporters. "After practice, you see guys talking about every single thing that happened out there.

"DBs are all talking about certain route combinations. Carson (Palmer) is talking to the receivers about what they saw. It's a really good vibe out there."

And attendance hasn't been a problem. There have been no notable absences, and attendance since Arians took over as head coach has been good.

"We've never had that kind of problem of guys not showing up," he said. "It's a credit to them. They're here and they're working really hard."

This won't guarantee a championship for Arizona, but it's certainly the right way to start if that is what they want.