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Patrick Peterson, Calais Campbell make another Top 100 list

Pete Prisco has them both among best NFL players.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is making its way through its list of the Top 100 players for 2015. So far, Calais Campbell and Larry Fitzgerald make the list. CBS Sports' Pete Prisco put together his own top 100 players and there were a pair of Arizona Cardinals on the list.

No, Larry Fitzgerald does not make the list, but two other players you could probably predict are -- Calais Campbell and Patrick Peterson.

Peterson is 39th on his list.

He started slowly last year, but we later found out he was dealing with a blood sugar issue. He came on strong and continues to be one of the better corners in the league. Watch him against Dez Bryant last year. You will see.

Campbell isn't far behind and No. 44.

He doesn't pile up big sack numbers in their scheme, but the personnel men and opposing offensive coaches know all about him. He is a good run player and he does have 16 sacks the past two seasons and earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl last season.

The two players are probably the two most important players on Arizona's defense. What they do allows the rest of the unit to do what it does.

While Fitz made the list for NFL Network, it is easy to see why someone would leave him off. He just hasn't produced that much in three seasons. The intangibles and the skill is there, but the production isn't.

Would you have ranked the two players differently? Did Prisco snub any other Cardinals players?