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Larry Fitzgerald pass blocked in 2014 more than any other receiver (not that hard to do)

More proof the star receiver was asked to do more than he has been in the past.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't catch the tweet, but Darren Urban blogged about it on Pro Football Focus' Sam Monson tweeted a stat that Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald led the league in -- he pass blocked more than any other receiver in the NFL.

Now before you go nuts because it's crazy to think the Cardinals wouldn't send one of the best receivers of all time out on a pass route, realize he led all receivers with a whopping seven snaps where he was on pass protection.

He did not pass block even once in 2013.

But seven snaps comes out to one pass blocking assignment every two games (Fitz played in 14 games). That's not a whole lot.

If I had to guess, probably every single one of these "blocking" assignments probably came on a screen pass. To break things down, he pass blocked once in Week 1, once in Week 10, three times in Week 11 and twice in  Week 15.

Having receivers block isn't completely foreign. Michael Floyd also did it three times in 2014 and four in 2013.

How was Fitz at it? PFF rated him a -1.0 in those seven snaps. Essentially, he wasn't a world beater. But the fact he was asked that many times tells us once more how much of a team player he is.