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2015 NFL countdown: 75 days left and Cardinals uniform No. 75

Oh, this number.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

75 days are left until the Arizona Cardinals kick off the regular season against the New Orleans Saints. Today we focus on uniform No. 75, a number that brings many recent bad memories.

The number will probably not make it out of training camp. It is worn currently by guard John Fullington. He was on the practice last season, getting signed in December. Probably the best shot he has with the Cardinals this year is to make the practice squad again.

So why the bad memories?

No. 75 was the number worn by highly drafted and very disappointing offensive linemen from 2001-2013. First it was worn by Leonard Davis, drafted third overall in 2001. Expected to be the team's anchor at left tackle, he was a pretty good guard, but head coach Denny Green insisted Davis move to left tackle because he was paid like one. He wasn't good. He left in free agency and signed with the Dallas Cowboys, who moved him to guard. He only went to multiple Pro Bowls and was an All-Pro.

To replace Davis, the Cardinals drafted Levi Brown fifth overall in 2007. It is memorable because of the player the Cardinals didn't draft -- running back Adrian Peterson. Brown started as a right tackle, but moved to left tackle in 2009. A fierce and effective run blocker, he was not good at all in pass protection.

Both Davis and Brown were the symbols of the offensive line problems the Cardinals had over the years. However, Brown's value was proven in 2012, even if he wasn't good. When he went down for the season with a triceps tear in the 2012 preseason, Arizona had a hot mess of the offensive line, using D'Anthony Batiste and later Nate Potter. It was a disaster.

But those are bad memories.

Let's go back in history and look back to 1967-1975, when defensive tackle Bob Rowe wore 75. He was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the second round and started on the defensive line for nine years. He was a Pro Bowler in 1968 and his last season was when the Cards made the playoffs in 1975.

There are many others who have worn 75. Lomas Brown, probably the best tackle the Cardinals have had since coming to Arizona, wore it for three seasons.

For a full list of the players who have worn 75, click here.

Who has been your favorite No. 75?