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Will Daryl Washington's future with the Arizona Cardinals be the top roster decision they make?

If reinstated, it will make things interesting.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

What will the Arizona Cardinals' most important roster decision be over the next couple of months? There are a lot of choices. But ESPN's Field Yates put together a list in which he discussed the subject about every NFL team, and he believes it has to do with linebacker Daryl Washington.

Will Washington return? Linebacker Daryl Washington is an undeniable talent who earned a six-year contract back in 2012. But since that time he has been suspended on multiple occasions, including for all of last season, and faces further punishment for a domestic dispute arrest. When he is eventually reinstated, the Cardinals must decide if it's worth attempting to reinsert him into the roster fold.

As of right now, the statement "when he is eventually reinstated" might need to be amended. It still is and "if" situation.

If he is reinstated, it does raise questions -- should the Cardinals allow him back on the team? Is this really the top decision?

What are other possible roster decisions that will have a major impact? It could be the winner of the starting center position. Perhaps it could be who to keep and who to cut on the defensive line. Perhaps it will be the decision of whether or not to keep Logan Thomas, especially since they hope he becomes a franchise QB.

Washington's future is uncertain. We still don't know where he stands with the league. If reinstated, we don't know if he will receive more discipline.

Is there another roster move that will be more important for Arizona? Talk about it in the comments below.