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Arizona Cardinals players want Daryl Washington back

While status is unknown, the players want him back on the team.

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals head coach won't talk about suspended linebacker Daryl Washington much. In fact, he recently called it a "waste of breath" to do so. As long as he is not on the roster, there is no need to talk about him.

However, most fans were expecting to hear from the league as to whether the linebacker will be reinstated. Nothing has come up yet.

In a recently interview, as written by AZCentral's Kent Somers, Arians revealed something interesting.

"If he's reinstated by the league, I know this — our players want him back in the locker room," Arians said. "That's fine by me."

Washington has a lot of respect to earn back since he let his teammates down twice. But the fact they want him back says something. One, it means they are ready to move on, and two, they want to win and know what he can bring to the table.

Should the players want him back? Would you if you were in that locker room?