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Former Arizona Cardinals GM Rod Graves gets promotion to NFL offices

The former GM is not doing too bad for himself.

Nick Doan/Getty Images

Arizona Cardinals fans aren't too fond of former general manager Rod Graves, who lost his job after the 2012 season and was replaced by current GM Steve Keim.

Graves, though, isn't doing too badly for himself. He has himself a new job with the NFL, getting a big promotion. The league has hired him to be the senior Vice President of football administration.

As the article on Baltimore Beatdown explains, "the scoop is that Graves will be the go-to guy for teams to complain to and handle it more quietly than has been done previously."

He is also going to oversee the scouting process and how the league promotes it -- such as the NFL  Scouting Combine.

Aside from the scouting part, it looks like the hiring of Graves is to keep some of the lesser issues the league offices get complaints about a little further away from the top of the league leadership.

Good for Graves, who has worked in the NFL a long time. Some might wish he weren't in the league anymore, but congrats to him landing on his feet. Just don't mess up the Cardinals anymore, ok?