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2015 NFL countdown: 62 days until kickoff and Cardinals jersey No. 62

Two months!!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are still 62 days away from the Arizona Cardinals 2015 opener against the New Orleans Saints. We are closer, but it is still a ways off. Today we look at jersey no. 62. It is an unremarkable number.

The current 62 is Ted Larsen. He started 16 games last season after being signed as a free agent. He is battling A.Q. Shipley for the starting center job this season, but he appears to be on track to be the backup center/swing guard.

Before Larsen, you have to go back to Mike Devlin to find any sort of meaningful player. He was the team's starting center in 1996 and 1997, but was on the bench for the next two seasons.

Ben Coleman, a second round pick in 1993, was more disappointing than impactful. he rode the becnch in 1993 and then started 13 games in 1994, but that was it. He was released after three games in the 1995 season. He is one of many offensive line high draft picks not to pan out for the team. His career wasn't a failure. After leaving Arizona, he started for six more seasons for Jacksonville, San Diego and Washington.

The longest tenured 62 was a long time ago. It was Dale Meinart, who wore 62 from 1958-1967. He started as a n offensive lineman for two seasons while the team was in Chicago, then switched to linebacker when the team moved toe St. Louis.

It was a smart switch.

As a middle linebacker, he made three Pro Bowls before retiring.

Are there any other players you remember who wore 62? Tell us about your memories. You can see a comprehensive list since 1950 here.