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Fake NFL offseason rumors include Arizona Cardinals

Have a little fun with this.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes we need more levity. The NFL offseason can be unbearable, as we know. It generates lists, countdowns and not much news. An occasional real news tidbit comes up from time to time and some rumors.

So for some fun, SB Nation created an offseason rumor generator. It's fun.

Try it out.

It took me a while, but I finally got a Cardinals rumor:

BREAKING: Per anonymous NFLPA source, the Arizona Cardinals are firing their coaching staff and putting Cam Cameron in charge.

There were other good ones:

As revealed by Mike Florio's barber, several NFL owners have discussed hiring Cam Cameron to evaluate Oklahoma City as a possible destination for as many as ten preseason games.

According to an attorney for Jerry Jones, Green Bay Packers ownership is exploring the possibility of playing two games in Portland next season.

Agent for Kevin Gilbride denies rumor that he has been hired to coach a 2018 expansion team in Medellin.

Get some rumors. Share them in the comments. You will spend hours. or maybe that was just me.