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2015 NFL countdown: 59 days until the season and Cardinals uniform No. 59

Once again we highlight a number.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Guess what? There are 59 days left in the offseason leading up to the Arizona Cardinals regular season opener. Naturally that means we will look at No. 59.

Who is the current 59? That would be linebacker Darryl Sharpton, an offseason free agent addition. Sharpton is battling for a backup spot on the roster, as he sits behind both Sean Weatherspoon and Kevin Minter. There is a solid chance he makes the team.

Linebacker Marcus Benard wore it the last two seasons.

There were a couple of good 59s in the 90s. One was Seth Joyner, known more for his days with the Philadelphia Eagles. After eight years in Philly, he followed was lured by Buddy Ryan to Arizona, who coached him in Philly. He was on the back end of his career, but he did make enough of an impact his first season in the desert in 1994, being named to the Pro Bowl after a six-sack, three-interception season. He was productive for two more seasons.

Another linebacker, Rob Fredrrickson, wore it from 1999-2002. He joined Arizona after they made the playoffs in 1998, essentially replacing Jamir Miller, who left in free agency. Fredrickson was productive. He had 125 tackles, two sacks and two picks in 1999.

Do you have any memories of players with No. 59? Tell us about them. Take a look at this list to see who else wore it.

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