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John Brown, Tyrann Mathieu expected to 'make the leap' in 2015

Both expected to have huge years.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports has been running a series about players "making the leap" in 2015. It is either a move from anonymity to become a quality player or a known player leaping to stardom.

In this series, two Arizona Cardinals players make the list at No. 5 and No. 6 -- safety Tyrann Mathieu and receiver John Brown.

In both cases, the belief is both will be come stars.

The piece focusing on Mathieu cites many of the offseason quotes we have already heard -- how he looks like he did when he was a rookie, he is running and cutting better, how he is "flying around" in practice.

2014 was a season of playing "with one arm and one leg," according to head coach Bruce Arians, but everyone around the team expects a huge year. Comeback Player of the Year could be a possibility.

As for Brown, the author believes the leap to stardom would have already happened if Carson Palmer had not gotten hurt last season.

The article states "Brown has all of the traits to develop into a No. 1 receiver" and "Brown is a more uniquely talented receiver than Floyd."

He needs to show he is a little more physical. but if he does, he could be the reason why the Cards let Michael Floyd go after the season.