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2015 NFL countdown: 56 days and Cardinals jersey No. 56

We look at a couple of decent players.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

56 is the number of the day -- both the number of days remaining until the Arizona Cardinals player their 2015 regular season opener. As such, it means we take a look at No. 56 in uniform history.

It is actually not a number with a ton of history. It was only first used in 1969.

Right now, the number belongs to linebacker Glenn Carson, a second year player who made the squad last season as an undrafted rookie out of Penn State. The question is where he will make the team this year. Inside linebacker is wide open after the first two or three spots -- the team has Sean Weatherspoon and Kevin Minter (and maybe Daryl Washington). After that, it is completely up for grabs.

Karlos Dansby, known more for his good seasons wearing 58, wore 56 in 2013 when he returned to play one season. He was perhaps the best player of the team's defense that season.

Chike Okeafor wore 56 from 2004-2009. After four seasons with the 49ers and two with the Seahawks, Okeafor signed with Arizona as a free agent. He was expected to bolster the pass rush. He did.

In four seasons, he picked up 25 sacks and was a good veteran presence on both playoff teams.

Go back to the very first seasons with the Cardinals in Arizona and you have Ken Harvey, who wore 56.

He was the team's first first round pick in AZ and played six seasons, getting 47.5 sacks. He was quite good. In fact, if you ever played Tecmo Super Bowl back in the day, Harvey was the best and fastest player on the Cardinals defense.

As the Cards tended to do back in the day, they let him go in free agency. He signed with the Redskins and became a star, going to four straight Pro Bowls. While it is questionable he will make it, his name has come up in some Hallof Fame discussions.

Back a little further in time (1976-1981). 56 belonged to linebacker Tim Kearney. He was mostly a starter, but appeared to have some injury issues, missing between one and 11 games in every season with the Cardinals.

For a comprehensive list of the players to wear 56, visit this page. Do you have any memories of any of  these players? Who has been the best or will be the best with 56?