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2015 NFL countdown: 55 days left and Cardinals jersey no. 55

This has been a well-used number over the years.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Today's number is 55 -- 55 days until the Arizona Cardinals open the regular season at home against the New Orleans Saints. That means we look at uniform No. 55. It is a number that has gotten a lot of use. The list of players who have worn it since 1950 is extensive.

Who is the current No. 55?

It belongs now to linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, who signed as a free agent this offseason. He is expected to start at inside linebacker. He is a very talented player, but injuries have been his issue. If healthy, he could have a huge season, but that is a big if, considering his history.

Linebacker John Abraham had 55 for the previous two seasons. As a late free agent signing in 2013, he had 11.5 sacks to lead the team and adding to his potentially Hall of Fame career. But 2014 was forgettable, as he was arrested for DUI before training camp, missed three weeks of camp while in rehab and then he only played part of one game before suffering a concussion that landed him on injured reserve. He has yet to be cleared to be able to play again and he is a free agent.

Early this century, the Cards had linebacker Raynoch Thompson at No. 55. A second round pick in 2000, he was a starter for the first four of his five seasons in Arizona and in the NFL. He had as many as 109 tackles in a season and three sacks.

At the start of the Cards' tenure in Arizona, they had Anthony Bell at No. 55. The fifth pick overall in 1986, he played five seasons for the St. Louis and Phoenix Cardinals. He did not have the career you would hope from the fifth overall pick.

One other 55 worth mentioning is Irv Goode. He played 10 seasons for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1962-1971 and played guard. He was a Pro Bowlers in 1964 and  1967.

Can you recall any other 55s? The full list is here. Do you have a favorite who was not mentioned in these few? Who was the best 55?