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Arizona Cardinals tickets to go on sale, no Protect the Nest packages

The team doesn't feel it is necessary to force people to buy tickets to other games to get premium games.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have announced single-game ticket sales will go on sale this week.

On Wednesday, July 22, season ticket holders may begin to purchase tickets online at The general public may purchase tickets starting on Saturday, starting at 10 AM Arizona time.  Those tickets are available online, by phone or Ticketmaster outlets in Fry's Marketplace or La Curacao.

Starting on Monday July 27, tickets will be available at University of Phoenix Stadium and at the team's Tempe facility.

One change there is this year is the absence of the "Protect the Nest" plans. The past few seasons, the most demanded games required the purchase of another set game if you wanted to purchase tickets. There is no such plan this year. However, the Week 16 and 17 contests against the Packers and the Seahawks have restrictions. No one can purchase more than four tickets.


"Because of strong demand for Cardinals 2015 season tickets, the supply of tickets for individual games is extremely limited and it is expected to be exhausted quickly," the team announced.

It appears the Cardinals have grown in popularity enough that the team expects far fewer fans of other teams to be able to purchase tickets.