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Daryl Washington might not have support of NFLPA, speculates NFL insider

The lack of anything from the league or the players association is bad news.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Of course we have more to say about linebacker Daryl Washington, currently under suspension for violations to the league's substance abuse policy. He has been suspended for more than a year and has reportedly applied for reinstatement, but now more than two and a half months after the supposed application, we still have nothing.

In an interview on Arizona Sports 98.7, ESPN's John Clayton said it appears the NFLPA isn't doing anything to push for Washington's return.

"I think it does say something when the Players Association doesn't seem to be, at least, verbally or at least in public, trying to push for him to be back," he said.

Clayton noted there have been other cases in which the association didn't jump to the player's defense -- Jacksonville's Justin Blackmon and Washington's Tenard Jackson.

At this point, though, the fact there is nothing coming out of either the league or the NFLPA, who has been more than willing to make noise for other players, it does not seem to bode well for Washington and those fans hoping to get him back on the field.

Clayton said for Washington to be able to play again, "something needs to go right." That hasn't happened yet.