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Where does Jermaine Gresham fit with Arizona Cardinals?

It would make sense he will start.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

With the addition of veteran tight end Jermaine Gresham, the Arizona Cardinals have added someone who can help lead a young and inexperienced group of players and also improved the talent level of the position.

So where will he fit, exactly?

Gresham has been productive in his career. As noted by the Cardinals media relations department in the press release announcing the signing, he is one of only three tight ends in the league with at least 40 receptions, 400 receiving yards and four touchdowns in each of the last five seasons.

He presumably will be a starter and will see the most playing time, especially since he has the reputation of being a solid blocker.

He fits the mold of tight end Bruce Arians likes. He is big. With the exception of seventh round pick Gerald Christian, every tight end is at least 6-5, which is the listed height of Gresham.

A guy like Gresham was signed to play significantly. The question is who loses playing time now.

All through the spring, it was Darren Fells and 2014 second round pick Troy Niklas who were the two main tight ends. Which of those two will become TE2?

Both are primarily blockers.

Also with the addition of Gresham, the potential fourth tight end spot on the roster is much more competitive. Before it looked like it would be a room of Fells, Niklas, Christian and Ifeanyi Momah. Now Momah will have to compete with the seventh rounder for the fourth spot.

They are two very different players.

Momah is a converted receiver -- long, lanky and would be more of a threat as a pass catcher.

Christian is projected to be more of an H-back -- the type of tight end that lines up in the backfield or on the line of scrimmage. He is a fierce hitter and very athletic.

Expect Gresham to get the playing time recently retired John Carlson got at the start of last season. He was playing more than 75 percent of the snaps until Week 13, when his playing time decreased.

So get used to lots of Gresham. That is what he was presumably signed to do -- play.

Training camp has a new position battle -- the battle for the second tight end spot. the first spot is already taken.