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Arizona Cardinals news 7/27: John Brown touchdowns, mailbag

Monday Cards and NFL links.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the new week! It is training camp week. There will be more stories in the days and weeks to come.


#tbt: John Brown game-winners
Images from the four game-winning touchdown catches by rookie receiver John Brown in 2014

Arizona Cardinals Mailbag: Roster-spot jockeying about to start
The latest version of the Arizona Cardinals mailbag discusses defensive line depth, the depth chart at running back and possible "name" cuts.

ACL injury leaves evaluators questioning Carson Palmer this season - NFL Nation - ESPN
Evaluators around the NFL cited Carson Palmer's health as a major reason for ranking him a Tier 3 quarterback in a rating of all 32 NFL quarterbacks.


LeSean McCoy's infamous 'females only' party is now open to everyone, except Hulk Hogan -
Now you can go to LeSean McCoy's birthday party. No more "females only" rule. Plus, smoothie bar!

Rams special teams coordinator John Fassel saves drowning man -
John Fassel made sure the last day of his vacation in California made a difference.

Vikings sign K Blair Walsh to 4-year, $14 million contract extension -
Walsh is now one of the highest-paid kickers in the NFL.

Arena footballer pays homage to The Rock with 'The People's Elbow' celebration -