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2015 NFL countdown: 48 days left and Cardinals jersey No. 48

Another boring number.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

48. Today's number is a rather boring one. Yes, it means only 48 days remain until the Arizona Cardinals play their season opener, but jersey No. 48 has been uneventful. The 40s are not all that exciting, excluding one very important number that will come up soon.

No. 48 is undrafted rookie linebacker Alani Fua right now. Signed out of BYU, he is tall and fast. Among all the undrafted rookies, the team clearly liked him the most, as he was given a signing bonus for more than double any other of their undrafted rookies. Keep an eye on him in camp.

It has otherwise been a boring number. Long snapper Nathan Hodel wore it from 2002-2008.

Tight end Jarius Hayes wore 48 on the 1998 playoff team. He played in all 16 games. He had no stats, but he was on that team.

Other than Hodel, only one other player wore the number for more than three seasons. Lionel Washington wore it for four seasons, from 1983-1986.

Washington, known for his many years as an Oakland Raider cornerback, started his career with the St. Louis Cardinals. He was drafted in the fourth round made an impact right away. He picked off eight passes his rookie year and five the next season.

He lasted 15 seasons in the NFL, starting full-time for almost every season.

Do you remember any other No. 48? The full list is here.