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Kevin Minter played 2014 at about 50%, has high expectations for 2015

The third-year linebacker is the one making defensive calls.

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There are many people who are very disappointed in the play of Arizona Cardinals linebacker Kevin Minter. Drafted in the second round in 2013, he played one defensive snap his rookie season, playing behind Karlos Dansby, He was set to have a solid 2014, but was injured early on and played hurt all season

He was a guest on NBC Sports Radio 1060 AM not too long ago and he talked about the injury and many other things, including what his expectations are in 2015.

It was the very first defensive series in the team's first preseason game last season and he felt a pop in his chest. It turned out he tore his pectoral muscle. He thought he had strained it, so he kept playing, but the NRI showed the muscle had torn away from the bone completely.

He talked with his agent and his family about what he should do. He contemplated surgery, which would have ended his season right then, as it would involved several screws to attach the muscle back to the bone. However, missing the season wasn't an option for him, so he decided to play through it.

Minter explained he was playing at about 50 percent last season. He only played in base sets and wasn't really asked to do much more than defend the run, which happens to be his strength.

He was asked about when he was drafted, and it was a surprise. The Cardinals never had contact with Minter before the draft. He never visited with them or had a workout. He found out just a couple of minutes before he was going to be coming to Arizona.

But entering this season, he is ready for more.

He is the player on the field making defensive calls. This is interesting, although understandable. Sean Weatherspoon is new to the defense.

Now fully healthy, he has big expectations for himself. His goals is "To be the linebacker I was supposed to be...the All-Pro guy, that guy you can depend on, that guy who is a 3-down back."

While Bruce Arians really downplayed Minter being more than a run-stopper, Minter indicated the coaching staff would like to see him be a three-down player, a guy who doesn't have to come off the field.

Will he be able to be that guy this year? There will be a lot of eyes on him in training camp this year. What are your expectations of Minter for 2015?