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2015 NFL countdown: 46 days left and looking back at Cardinals jersey No. 46

This one has a fantastic player who got away.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

There are 46 days until the regular season! No. 46 represents another jersey that has not been used much over the history of the Cardinals.

No one wore it before 1971.

Now it belongs to cornerback Jimmy Legree, who has aspirations and a real shot at making the final roster this season.

In the history of No. 46, only two players were of any sort of value.

The most recent of the two was safety Brent Alexander, who made the Cardinals roster in 1994 as an undrafted rookie. He started seven games and then was the starter for the next three seasons. He was a solid player, but moved on in free agency and had himself a good and unremarkable NFL career.

He played for eight more seasons, playing in and starting every game with the Panther, Steelers and Giants. In his career, he picked off 28 passes. Four of those came as a Cardinal.

The impact player before Alexander was safety Tim McDonald -- a fantastic player.

He was a second round pick in 1987 and played for the Cardinals until 1992. In six seasons, he intercepted 20 passes (including seven in 1989) and averaged over 117 tackles a season for the five seasons he started. He made the Pro Bowl three times, but the Cardinals let him leave in free agency and he became a star in San Francisco.

He was a Pro Bowler for the next three seasons after leaving Arizona, playing on a championship team in 1994 and finishing his career after 13 seasons. He was one who got away.

To see more who wore 46, read this list.

There is no debate McDonald was the best to wear 46.