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Bruce Arians still very high among coach rankings

He continues to be the top head coach without a ring.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is a subject we have come across at least a couple of times in the offseason -- ranking the head coaches in the NFL. In every case, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians ranks very highly. And why shouldn't he be? He took over a Cardinals team that had lost 11 of its last 12 games the previous season and led them to two straight double digit win seasons and a playoff berth.

In the latest coach power rankings, written by NFL Media Analyst Elliott Harrison, Arians ranks seventh and, as he has been ranked in previous such lists, he is the highest-ranked coach who has not led his team to a championship.

Arians just won his second Coach of the Year award in three years -- and he wasn't even officially a head coach when he captured it in 2012 for his work with the Colts as Chuck Pagano's temporary fill-in. Running his own ship in Arizona, Arians has gone 10-6 and 11-5 in the past two seasons, despite dealing with a flurry of injuries last year that would have deep-sixed many teams. The next step for Arians is to win in the playoffs.

Ahead of him, from sixth to first, are Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton, Mike McCarthy, John Harbaugh, Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick.

Each has a ring as a head coach and represent six of the last seven Super Bowl champs. The only coach below Arians to have won in the last seven years is Tom Coughlin, who is eighth in this list. In fact, excluding Coughlin, the top six coaches are the order of the last championships.

It's hard to make an argument that Arians should be anywhere else but where he is ranked right now. Perhaps you could slide him ahead of Tomlin and maybe Payton, but the fact they have championships and the fact Arians has only been a true head coach for two seasons is understandable.

Where would you rank BA?