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Chandler Catanzaro wants a perfect kicking season

The second year player up for the challenge with longer extra points.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals kicker Chandler Catanzaro had a solid rookie season. He beat out veteran Jay Feely for the kicking job in training camp and then hit his first 17 field goal attempts. He ended the season hitting 29 of 33 on the year. He also set a franchise rookie record for points in a season.

While a guest on NBC Sports Radio 1060 AM recently, Catanzaro said his first year  in the NFL "kind of felt like I was dreaming out there...and I was living my dream."

He reflects on his performance and the four misses stick out to him.

He is setting his goals high for 2015.

"I want to go and be perfect this year, so I definitely left myself room for improvement, and on kickoffs," Catanzaro said. "There's always room to improve."

While not missing field goals is tall task for any kicker, even extra points will be a little more challenging, as they will be 33-yard attempts this season. He hit all 27 PAT attempts as a rookie. He prefers the shorter kick, but he is up for the challenge. "We're professionals. We're professionals at what we do. Our job is to make it look easy. If they're going to move it back, then I'm looking forward to the challenge this year," Catanzaro said.

No longer a rookie and no longer battling for a job, his job in training camp is to refine himself. There is not the pressure of having to outperform someone else, but if perfection is his goal, then he needs to focus on technique and approach.

Can the 2014 standout be even better in Year 2?