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2015 NFL countdown: 45 days remaining until the season and a look at Cardinals jersey No. 45

Not much here.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

The 40s have been a boring set of jersey numbers so far. Today, with 45 days left until the Arizona Cardinals play in Week 1, we look at the uninspiring No. 45 in jersey history.

The current 45 is undrafted rookie inside linebacker Edwin Jackson. There is a little bit of buzz about him, but we won't see any of him until training camp. He is definitely in the mix for a roster spot because the position is weak in terms of depth.

But before Jackson?

Only two players have worn it more than two seasons.

The most important 45 to play for the Cards was safety Leonard Smith, who wore it from 1983-88. The St. Louis Cards drafted him in the first round and he became a starter in 1984. When the team moved to Arizona, he only lasted three games and finished his season in Buffalo, where he would his lat four seasons. He was the starting strong safety for the first two of the Bills' Super Bowl appearances.

All the 45s are listed here. Are there any other players  you remember?