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2015 NFL Countdown: The History of Arizona Cardinals Jersey Number 70

Another day closer to the kickoff to the regular season as we look at those who wore the No. 70 on their Cardinals jerseys. Check it out then vote on your favorite.

Tom Hauck/Getty Images

It's now 70 days until the Arizona Cardinals kickoff the 2015 season against the New Orleans Saints at University of Phoenix Stadium (should be 'Cardinals Stadium' but that's off-topic) and a mere 27 days until the first training camp practice on that very same field (how cool is that?).  So what better day to look back at those players who have worn the white No. 70 on their red jerseys (or visa-versa) for the Big Red.  Not surprisingly, lots of large guys that were unsung heros who played the game in the trenches.

We'll list all the players that have worn today's number chronologically making note of those players that mattered along the way while leaving plenty of space for your comments below to fill in the gaps after you vote on who you think has worn the BIG SEVEN-O best for the Cardinals.

The Chicago years

Knox Ramsey 1950-1951
Jack Jennings 1952-1956

Charlie Toogood (1957) had a great name and played on both sides of the ball as a OT/DT back in the days players actually did that (sometimes without facemasks even!).  But it would seem that Charlie wasn't really 'too good' after all and marks today's first One-Hit-Wonder* (played for the team for only one season).

Jim McCusker 1958*

The St. Louis years

Don Owens (1960-1963) was a good defensive tackle for the Cardinals and although we don't have tackle or sack stats for those years, we do know he recorded 5 fumble recoveries in 50 games with the brand new St. Louis Cardinals (also known as the Big Red so as not to be confused with the baseball team).

One player who can really stick out his chest is Rolf Krueger (1969-1971) and that's because Rolf started every game at left defensive end for that Cardinals team that recorded three consecutive shutouts in 1970 (the first season of the newly merged AFL/NFL and the first season of Monday Night Football).  For that reason Rolf Krueger gets my vote for being on that very 'elite' and exclusive club.

I've got film on the way that shows just how wild, woolly, crazy and aggressive the Cardinals were in those days (and that was before the snap!). After the snap things got out of hand with stunts galore and blitzes out of nowhere (often times from their leader Larry Wilson leading the charge). Finally you'll see that I really haven't been exaggerating about these guys and also how they played the game in the opponents backfield. And the clip is from a major motion-picture no less and very entertaining. You'll love it.

John Hoffman 1972*
Lee Brooks 1973-1976
Keith Simons 1978-1979

We don't know if Mark Goodspeed had 'good speed' or not, but as an offensive tackle it must have not mattered as he became yet another One-Hit-Wonder (1980*).

Art Plunkett 1981-1984

Derek Kennard (1986-1990) was a big boy who played guard and center for the Big Red (starting 67 games) in a tale of two cities.

The Phoenix years

Victor Perry 1987*
Rob Baxley 1992*

The Arizona years

L.J. Shelton (1999-2004) was another big boy (above in the title picture) who started 77 games for the Arizona Cardinals over five seasons at Sun Devil Stadium.

Anton Palepoi 2005*
Kendrick Clancy 2006*

Please forgive me for one last bad play on words today and say that apparently Rex Hadnot (2011) 'had not' what it takes to be an Arizona Cardinal.  Which brings us to ...

Bobby Massie who goes into his fourth season as a Cardinal with the same task assigned to 31 others in the National Football League — holding off a first-round draft choice with designs on taking your job.  Massie has been a solid performer for the team and has no intentions of letting that happen.  May the best man win.

As always, we encourage your comments below after voting for your favorite Cardinal that's ever worn the BIG SEVEN-O.

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