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July 5th Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings: The Holiday Hangover Addition

July 5th, revenge of the hangover!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Happy National Hangover Day Cardinals fans! I don't know if July 5th is actually that day, but for most of my friends it is the worst day of the year for them. It's hot and they were very mean to their bodies the day before. Here is some light reading for you, enjoy your last day off before getting back to the grind.


Arizona Cardinals From A To Z: Jonathan Cooper
Player profile of guard Jonathan Cooper.

Cardinals Want to End Drought
Arizona Cardinals looking to play strong in the NFC West and better their conference record and finally win the conference again.

Arizona Cardinals All-in for Phoenix; Recruiting LaMarcus Aldridge to Suns
Regretfully Larry Fitzgerald’s Twitter pitch to Aldridge wasn’t enough to get him to pick the Suns over the Evil Empire but it’s good to see him trying!

NFC West:

49ers Could be Active in Supplemental Draft

The 49ers looking to recover from one of the most shocking post season in NFL history may be active in the supplemental draft in order to bolster this roster.

San Francisco 49ers: Reasons to be Optimistic

After a devastating off-season the 49ers are trying to convince themselves they still have a chance at a winning season.

Seattle Seahawks All-Time Team: Running Backs

A breakdown of the best Seattle Seahawk running backs. Pretty short list, Shaun Alexander and Marshawn Lynch are the clear cut guys, everyone else is just padding to the list.

Keenan Lambert Looking to be Bigger than Little Brother to Kam Chancellor

Lambert is the little brother to star Seahawks safety Chancellor and is looking to step out of his brothers shadow.

Rams Roster Review: Alec Ogletree, Linebacker

A breakdown of rival inside linebacker Olgetree, some history, some facts and some projections for his future this season.

Packers Will Provide Test for Rams Defense

With a loaded defensive front four, the Rams are excited to play the Packers and see how their vaunted front four will do against a top-tier QB.