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2015 NFL Countdown: The History of Arizona Cardinals Jersey Number 67

Fewer players today and that's because two players claimed today's No. 67 for themselves over a span of 27 years combined. They must have been pretty good — and they were.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Yet another day closer to the regular season (and 24 days now until the first training camp practice) as we look at those who have worn No. 67 for the Cardinals over the years.  Today's vote will surely be between two players who served many years for the Big Red and were considered one of the best at their positions.

We'll list all the players that have worn today's number chronologically making note of those players that mattered along the way while leaving plenty of space for your comments below to fill in the gaps after you vote on who you think has worn the BIG SIXTY-SEVEN best for the Cardinals.

The Chicago years

Bill Svoboda 1950-1951
Bob Konovsky 1956-1958

The St. Louis years

Larry Stallings (1963-1976) was quite a value as a 18th round draft pick from the 1963 draft.  For those who remember that wild and crazy defense — the one with the three consecutive shutouts — they know that the team was led by two players who both happened to be named Larry.

Mr. Stallings (who gets my vote) was a rough and tough force as a linebacker, who punished running backs, tight ends, and also managed to find his way to the quarterback quite often.  Unfortunately, we don't have stats for tackles or sacks from those days and it's a real shame because I would love to see the numbers he racked up in his 14 year career with that very special Cardinals defense.

Bill Acker 1980-1981

Luis Sharpe (1982-1994) actually played for three Cardinals teams (St. Louis, Phoenix and Arizona) over his 13 year career, starting in 189 games.  A first round draft choice, Luis went to three pro-bowls at left tackle and was a fan favorite three times over.

Ron Pasquale (1987*) would be an answer to a trivia quiz having worn Sharpe's No. 67 for one game when the aforementioned was out briefly with an injury.  Pasquale appeared in one game for the Cardinals which amounted to his NFL career total — the ultimate One-Hit-Wonder*.

The Arizona years

Duval Love 1995-1996
Chris Dishman 1997-2003

Antonio Smith wore No. 67 for the Cardinals for two seasons (2004-2005) without making much of an impact before switching to No. 94 and doing much better. All together (wearing both numbers) Antonio started 39 games and recorded 14 1/2 sacks (some were very timely — like in the 2008 postseason).

Milford Brown 2006*
Brad Badger 2007*
D.J. Young 2011*
Pat McQuistan 2012*

The player hoping for better luck with No. 67 than the last four One-Hit-Wonders* would be Rob Crisp (OT) out of North Carolina State (Steve Keim's alma mater), but he picked a very bad year to break into an offensive line that is loaded with talent like we've never seen out here in the desert.  We'll wish him good luck like every other rookie trying to make the team — but I doubt it will help.  Good luck nonetheless Mr. Crisp.

Keep those comments flooding in and please don't forget to vote for you favorite player to have worn the BIG SIXTY-SEVEN.

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