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2015 NFL countdown: 43 days until the season and a look at Cardinals jersey No. 43

Another number with little history.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are now down to 43 days until the start of the 2015 NFL season for the Arizona Cardinals. So today we look at jersey No. 43. It has a very short history. Since 1950, nine players have worn it before this year.

Safety D.J. Campbell is the man who now wears that number. He was signed in the offseason. It is hard to believe he will make the roster because the Cards already have four safeties who can play.

There are only two players worth mentioning who wore it before. One was safety Lonnie Young and the other was cornerback Norm Thompson.

Young played for the Cards from 1985-1990, so he played both in St. Louis and in Tempe. He was a fierce hitter and made for a very good complement playing alongside strong safety Tim McDonald. He and McDonald both had over 110 tackles in 1990. Those are great stats, but they are bad for the team. When you have two safeties with over 100 tackles, that means the front seven isn't getting it done and probably means the defense is bad. It was.

Young left in free agency after the 1990 season to play for the New York Jets. He would play for six more seasons.

Thompson was the Cards' first round pick in 1971. He played in St. Louis through 1976. He was pretty good at picking off passes. He had six in 1974, seven in 1975, four in 1976 and have another six in 1978 as a member of the Baltimore Colts.

Do you remember any other players with the number? Here is the full list.