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Carson Palmer with no restrictions and perhaps with a stronger arm

The veteran QB will get a regular number of snaps.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

All eyes are on quarterback Carson Palmer entering training camp and this season, as the general feeling is the success of the team is completely dependent on his health and play.

After suffering a torn ACL last season, as it was in mini-camp, he has no restrictions. He will get all his normal reps in training camp and will also get normal snaps  in the  preseason, said head coach Bruce Arians to the media on Friday after the team had its conditioning test.

What that normally means is a couple of series in both the first two preseason games and about a half in the third one. He will not play in the final preseason game. That is how things have gone the last two preseasons. Expect the same thing.

An interesting comment about Palmer was made by receiver Michael Floyd.

Darren Urban blogged about it on the team site, quoting Floyd as saying Palmer's arm is "a lot stronger."

Stronger than last season? It would make sense. If you recall, he suffered a shoulder injury in Week 1 and was sidelined for a little bit. After his shoulder "woke up," you have to imagine his arm strength was a little diminished.

A big arm is needed to run Bruce Arians' offense the way he wants it done.

His knee is healthy, his arm is stronger? That sounds like exactly what the Cardinals need.