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2015 NFL training camp: Number changes means 58 not waiting for Daryl Washington

Don't think it means anything about Washington.

Because of NFL rules, even in the preseason, two players on the same team cannot have the same uniform number. That makes perfect sense. As such, the Arizona Cardinals had to shift around some jerseys and one of the numbers is a familiar one.

Daryl Washington's No. 58 is no longer his number right now, according to the team site.

Undrafted rookie linebacker Edwin Jackson, known as Poundcake, is now No. 58, as he was previously No. 45. Moving to No. 45 is safety Brandon Person, who had been sharing No. 34 with running back Paul Lasike.

Another shift was undrafted linebacker Gabe Martin saw his number shift from 41 to 50. Larry Foote wore 50 last year but is now a coach, so no need to reserve it . Shifting from 23 to 41 is safety Harold Jones-Quartey. He was sharing 23 with running back Marion Grice.

Some have wondered if there is some hidden meaning with using No. 58. Does it mean the team knows Washington is gone? I wouldn't necessarily jump to that conclusion. While, according to Mike Jurecki, Washington has said he is willing to change jersey numbers to get a fresh start, it is simply more about math.

There are 90 players on roster. Only 99 numbers could be available. Five numbers are retired. You just can't reserve every number.