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2015 NFL countdown: 34 days remaining and Cardinals jersey No. 34

Who has worn this number?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The number of the day is 34.

There are 34 days until the start of the Arizona Cardinals regular season.

We look at jersey no. 34.

Running back Paul Lasike is the guy who now wears it -- an undrafted rookie out of BYU who played rugby in his native New Zealand.

We have seen a number of 34s in recent years -- two last year, as Jalen Parmele and Zach Bauman both wore it in their stints with the team.

Ryan Williams and Tim Hightower did, too.

Disappointing running back Anthony Thompson also did.

The guy to focus on who wore 34 is Bill Koman, who wore 34 from 1960-1967. A linebacker, he was a two-time Pro Bowler for the Cardinals. I don't have much more because a lot of stats aren't available from back then. He was a starter for nine seasons.

Do you recall any other 34s? The list is here.