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Bobby Massie to be suspended 3 games, per report

Per reports by Adam Schefter, the NFL is suspending Massie 3 games for violating the Substance Abuse Policy. Humphries might see time, if he's healthy.

Bobby Massie Gets Suspended for 3 Games
Bobby Massie Gets Suspended for 3 Games
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

So, I woke up this morning to a text from telling me that Bobby Massie is suspended!  What?!  WHAT?!

Apparently, Bobbie Massie was partying the week of the Super Bowl, got trashed, and slept in his car.

And, we're just hearing about this now, right before the season!

Perhaps Keim and Arians knew something we didn't when they drafted D.J. Humphries in the 1st round during the draft.  A lot of us said "WHAT?!" when that happened.  "You could of drafted this guy and that guy instead!"  Now, Keim's starting to look like a genius.  However, it will all depend on whether or not Humphries can come back from his current injury and grow into starter material before the season.

Well, he's got all preseason to do so.  If not, we might go with Bradley Sowell, Rob Crisp, or Cameron Bradfield.  Hey, we might even go with Earl Watford, since he's been standing out and getting playing time at both guard and tackle.  We'll have to wait and see.