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2015 NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals slip a couple of spots, but still among best

The injury to Michael Floyd looms large.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports's Elliott Harrison recently released his latest power rankings, considering what has happened after the first couple of weekends on training camp around the league. The last time he put together his rankings, the Arizona Cardinals were in the top five, coming in at No. 4. This time around, they have skipped a couple of spots, dropping to sixth overall.

The Cardinals were leap-frogged by the Cowboys because Dallas scooped up rookie offensive lineman La'el Collins and Arizona receiver Michael Floyd dislocated three fingers. Still, this might seem high to some folks. But quarterback Carson Palmer and running back Andre Ellington being (relatively) healthy is a big deal. The latter has taken some knocks for his 2014 campaign, which is grossly unfair, considering he played hurt for much of the year. You try playing hurt and logging 20 touches a game. At least he didn't have to do it in a tough division stacked with great defenses, right?

This is a very generous assessment of the Cardinals. Yes, Palmer is healthy, but with Ellington a little banged up again, there is a little concern he can't stay healthy.

Nonetheless, it is nice to see the Cardinals get some national love when they have some biog concerns, some of which were not mentioned at all.

Do you like a No. 6 ranking?