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2015 NFL countdown: 31 days away and Cards jersey No. 31

One month away!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are officially one month away from the season opener for the Arizona Cardinals. 31 days!

That means let's look at jersey no. 31.

It now belongs to rookie third round pick David Johnson, a running back who has many fans very excited. The problem is right now he has a hamstring injury and could be in danger of getting the Ryan Williams treatment (never playing) if he doesn't get better and practice. He has yet to practice on pads.

Antonio Cromartie wore. Justin Bethel wore it. Heck, even Patrick Peterson wore 31 when he entered camp his rookie year. I don't think he ever played a game with that number in the preseason, but I do remember him having it.

The guy to remember is fullback Earl Ferrell, who was pretty solid as a runner and had his career cut short by drugs. He rushed for nearly 3000 yards in his career with the Cardinals, beginning in St. Louis and ending in Phoenix. he was addicted to cocaine. He was suspended four games in 1987, but bounced back in 1988 to lead the team in rushing with 924 when the team played its first season in Arizona. His production dipped in 1989, averaging only 3.4 yards per carry and rushing for less than 600 yards. He was later kicked out of the league, suspended for life for another failed drug test.

There is a very interesting story that mentions Ferrell, written by former teammate Vai Sikahema (featured in our No. 36 day). Ferrell would take coke over money. In the end that's what happened.

Do you have any other memories of players who wore 31? Here is the full list.