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Daryl Washington expecting a decision soon from NFL

We have all been waiting, too.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

If the report is to be believed, the wait might be over soon for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans regarding Daryl Washington and his suspension.

TV reporter Joe Pequeno of 12 News in Phoenix tweeted he spoke with Washington recently, who told Pequeno he expects "to hear something soon' from the NFL.

Washington has been suspended under the league's substance abuse policy since May 31 of 2014. He was suspended for at least a year.

He reportedly applied for reinstatement on May 8 and has been waiting ever since.

Of course, if reinstated, he is likely to receive a personal conduct punishment for his involvement in a domestic incident with the mother of his child that led to his being arrested on assault charges. He pleaded guilty to felony aggravated assault, but after completing a court-ordered program, he has had that reduced to a misdemeanor. He is potentially looking at anywhere between two and eight games for that.

However, whatever happens after that, it will be good for all involved to get some closure on the substance abuse suspension. The league typically will make a decision within 60 days and it is now more than 90 since the reported application for reinstatement.

As for his future with the team, that is yet unknown. The players will welcome him back, but the organization doesn't trust him. The latest with the team is it reported is seeking to recoup some of the $10 million in bonus money paid to Washington over the last two years.

Maybe something will happen. Maybe it won't. Hopefully it does. Fans are tired of this story.