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Cardinals vs. Chiefs: Predict the results of the preseason Week 1 contest

It's the preseason and otherwise a little boring, so why not make a game of it?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals play their preseason opener against the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday. It is football. But it isn't as rewarding as during the regular season. Carson Palmer will play one series. The first team will be gone by the second quarter. These games can get boring.

To combat that, who don't you have at least a little fun and make a prediction for the final score using the widget below? When you make your prediction, you will see what the average  score is for all of our users, the average score prediction from Arrowhead Pride, and then you will see the score prediction from the makers of the widget and also what Vegas thinks.

Give it a try. When you make a prediction, drop your score prediction as well in the comments. Let's see who gets the closest to the actual score. But don't actually make a bet on the game. If you bet on the preseason, you probably have a problem.