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2015 NFL countdown: 30 days till Week 1 and Cardinals jersey No. 30

Less than a month!

George Rose/Getty Images

We have gotten to just under a month before the Arizona Cardinals kick off the season against the New Orleans Saints. So today we look at some of the players who have worn No. 30.

Stepfan Taylor is the man now, entering his third season with the team. He is the ever steady backup running back who excels on special teams. He isn't great, but you get the idea if he got a chance to be an every down back he would be more than adequate.

Other 30s? There are couple worth mentioning -- Ronald Moore and Stump Mitchell.

Moore was one of a seemingly long list of late round backs to have an impact for Arizona. Drafted in the fourth round, he rushed for over 1000 in his rookie season and followed it up with nearly 800 yards. He never really did much after that for any team, but he was a good one for a short while.

Mitchell, though, played for the Cardinals and was productive for a while. He played nine years, from 1981-1989, so fans here only saw him in his twilight years. His first four seasons he was an impact returner. Then from 1985-1987, he had over 1000 yards from scrimmage, including over 1000 yards rushing in 1985, leading the league with a 5.5 yard per carry average.

He is now the team's running backs coach and sports a man's beard -- gray and all.

Are there other memories of No. 30 you have? Here is the list.