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Cardinals Player Of The Game Poll

Who stood out as the payer of the game for the Arizona Cardinals preseason game one?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Although last night's preseason game ended in a loss for the Arizona Cardinals, there were still plenty of plays made and players to acknowledge for having a hand in making them happen. Below is a list of potential players of the game for the Cards, and the reason why.

Carson Palmer: Palmer only had one series, but the QB was one of a handful of players the NFL world was waiting to see. How would he stand in the pocket, how would his accuracy be? If last night is any indication, Palmer is ready for 2015. He went 4/4 for 77 yards, spreading the ball between a handful of receivers on a drive that capped in a touchdown, including a perfect throw to Andre Ellington that Palmer threaded between two Kansas City Chiefs defenders.

Andre Ellington: While people wondered how Palmer would fare back from injury, Ellington was another returning factor to the Cards offense. Ellington showed the spark he is capable of, turning one pass from Palmer into a 50+ run that was stopped just short of the goal line. 'The Juke' then capped that off by punching it in via the ground game.

Tyrann Mathieu: The 'HoneyBadger' pulled a poorly thrown Alex Smith ball from the air and the returned the interception, finally being tackled by Smith. I think the 'HoneyBadger' just stopped by to tease Smith about the pick, IMO. Anyway, for a man that pops in practice and that has a nose for the football, this is just another drop in his accomplishment bucket.

Rodney Gunter: Just when the standout plays started to slow down for the Cards, the Chiefs found themselves pinned deep in their own territory. Aaron Murray, under center, took the snap and dropped back. And then Gunter crashed into him from behind, folding him in half and sacking the QB for a safety. It was one of the violet collision plays that make you stand up and crush your beer can. Here's hoping Gunter has many more such moments.

What do you think Birdgang nation? Let us know in the poll below.