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Arizona Cardinals Preseaon Week 1 Stock: Risers and Fallers

The Cardinals had a lot of risers and a few fallers as cuts are pending we analyze who we think helped themselves last another week and who hurt their stock.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In the first preseason action of 2015 the first units on both sides of the ball looked sharp and there were a few surprises regarding how the Arizona Cardinals coaching staff were using rookies and undrafted free agents throughout the game. Most notably was Cariel Brooks, #35 CB, who was running with the 1's against the Kansas City Chief's first team offense and was holding his own out there. He didn't appear to be out of position and he was playing very well. This team is loaded with talent right now and there were a lot of players who stood out last night for either good or bad, so we'll take a look below at who helped their case to make the 53 or helped someone else take their spot.


Momah, Ifeanyi, #80 TE - Momah was playing all night and looked the part of a starting TE. He has the hands and he was blocking well. It's clear he was impressing the Cardinals coaching staff and they wanted to get him as many snaps as possible. He looked dangerous in the red zone and was helping the team with pass interference calls. Momah looks like he's a lock for the 53.

First team Oline - I know it's not a specific person but our first team Oline looked awesome, and anyone who was worried about team chemistry following all of the changes should bite their tongue. That was a powerful line.

Catanzaro, Chandler, #7 K - The Catman looks like he's picked up where he left off last year and has only improved. I am excited about deep kick offs, legit deep field goals, and even with the yard placement changes still feeling like the extra point kick is automatic. Catanzaro is a gem on this team.

Bethel, Justin, #28 CB - Bethel is playing with the 1's and trying to earn his CB #2 spot and he's looking great out there. I'm very impressed with how well the young CBs are shaping up, even Tony Jefferson is growing into a roamer in the backfield.

Golden, Markus, #44 OLB - Watching Golden play you see some high motor and he plays with power. It's exciting to think about having the potential for some pass rush. Keep your eyes on him.


Stanton, Drew, #5 QB - He played very poorly. I can't explain where the fire went but he looked worse than Logan Thomas last night. That wasn't his best outing.

Isles, Nate, #75 OT - The curse of #75 continues. I couldn't tell if Isles was doing his best Levi Brown impression or if he was just stiff and movable. Isles will not make this team or the practice squad. This is one tackle that fell last night.

Jones-Quartey, Harold, #41 S - I'll catch some flack for this but he played well in the first half with a great cast around him but when he was surrounded by the 3rd team he started being exposed. Fatigue could have been setting in, but really I think it ultimately showed he needs time on the practice squad before being ready to be on anyone's 53. His positioning and TD he gave up hurt his stock.

Who else do you think rose or fell based on last night?