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2015 NFL training camp: Arizona Cardinals have lots of starters, says Bruce Arians

Forget 11 on offense and 11 on defense. Bruce Arians calls lots of players starters.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

We all want to know who will the the starters for the Arizona Cardinals. Who are the 11 on offense and who are the 11 on defense? Head coach Bruce Arians thinks of it a little differently. He views starters based on the players who are in the game in particular packages.

"Everybody wants to know who our starters are, it depends on what package we have in a game," he told reporters. "We have about 16 starters on offense. We've got about 18 starters on defense, depending on what package we're going to play that week."

If you notice, when the team introduces either the offense or the defense at University of Phoenix Stadium for home games, it introduces 13 or 14 players. Arians "(doesn't) want to hurt anybody's feelings."

On defense, they have their 11 in base defense. In their dime set, they add two other players. That's 13 starters. In other formations, we haven't seen enough.

Arians is mincing words. You can only start 11 players. The others sub in based on the package. What he is trying to say is the guys that sub in or are for specific packages are every bit as important. There is a role Arians finds.

Of course, what it really comes down to is either he has a group of players who aren't good enough to never come off the field or they are too good to keep on the bench, so Arians finds something for them during the game to make sure they have a chance to play.