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Bruce Arians talks big expectations publicly, but keeps team focused on process privately

Big talk and hard work.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

We have heard it. Arizona Cardinals head coach said what the expectations are for the Arizona Cardinals this year. "Put a ring on the finger," he said. "Nothing else is going to be successful or acceptable."

That is a lot of pressure early, especially since they didn't even win a playoff game last season and the starting quarterback is a guy who has never won a postseason game in his career.

But there is that feeling around the team after 21 wins in two seasons and disappointment to end both years. "This locker room feels we have a chance," Arians said. "Let's get the job done."

Starting quarterback Carson Palmer believes the Cardinals are "as talented as anybody in this league," and "would put our roster up against anybody."

But the message is different in the locker room. Yes, the team knows about what is the expectation.

Drew Stanton said the excitement entering this season is "a little more this year." Carson Palmer said, "There's no doubt that's our goal and there's no doubt that's our dream and all of those things."

But Arians has the players focused on now.

Larry Fitzgerald said "it's still really early" for the expectations, but noted what Arians tells the players privately.

"Coach always talks about respecting the process," he said.  "The process is taking each day at a time, one play at a time, on e rep at a time, being accountable to yourself and your teammates."

Palmer echoed that, noting how much work and adversity the team has to go through. "We're talking about taking it one day at a time and respecting the process," he said. "And that's the number one goal I think BA sends to his teams, that it's a process and you have to respect it."

Expectations and focus. They are things Cardinals fans have not seen historically. They are, though, two things they would like to see for a long time.