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2015 NFL countdown: 24 days to kickoff and Cardinals No. 24

A pretty good number!

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Today's number is 24. There are 24 days until the start of the regular season for the Arizona Cardinals. We get to remember No. 24 in Cards jersey history.

There is no current No. 24. That would probably have something to do with the fact Adrian Wilson, retired this offseason and will have his name put in the Ring of Honor, was the last to wear it.

We all remember A-Dub -- the big hits, the sacks, the interceptions and the intensity.

He actually wore 22 his rookie year before swapping to 24 in 2002. Only he has worn it since, even after he was cut after the 2012 season.

There have been some others, but do they matter anymore? 24 won't be retired, but it won't be used for a while I would imagine.

What are your favorite Adrian Wilson memories? Other 24s? The full list is here.