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Where do Arizona Cardinals position battles stand after the 2nd preseason game?

Time now to reflect and analyze who will be starting during the regular season.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports


Neither Bethel nor Powers stood out last night. Which is neither here nor there. Fact is, both will probably be playing similar amounts come the regular season. Powers hasn't done anything wrong and Bethel hasn't shown he is clearly better. The depth chart still reads CB2 Powers and CB3 Bethel.

Right Tackle

Despite hearing all week that right tackle was a battle between Bradley Sowell and D.J. Humphries the game was vastly different. Not one person would feel comfortable allowing Humphries playing with Carson Palmer on the field. He continues to make mistakes mentally and physically. This isn't even a battle.


Frankly, Sendlein's bid for more money this offseason may have cost him the starting center position. A.Q. Shipley is good, solid center. One of the more boring battles.


The battle was a tie in week 1 between Thomas and Sims. Against the Chargers, Phillip Sims was a clear winner. He threw accurately to his receivers, stood well in the pocket and he was even able to show off his athleticism when the pass rush got to him. Meanwhile, Thomas fell back into inconsistency. He was good on some plays only to be bad on the next. If the Cardinals are serious about keeping the best 53, I honestly don't see how Sims is cut.

Not actual battles, but just trying not to be cut:

Jaron Brown looks to be the 5th receiver they keep, if the Cards keep a fifth receiver. Golden dropped a few passes and Jaxon Shipley didn't stand out.

The entire backup secondary played better this week, though the only player that really stood out again was Castiel Brooks. Not looking too good for Jimmy Legree.

Marion Grice didn't run well. But neither did Kerwynn Williams or Robert Hughes.. and I don't think Stepfan Taylor was given one run. Grice did show off his pass catching. I believe the Cardinals keep five running backs.